Monday, 4 June 2012

Le Belle Skincare-Eye Serum with Q10

 I have been using this lovely eye serum from Le Belle Skincare for around 4 weeks now.
 I love that this company is using all natural ingredients and plant extracts and use all recyclable packaging.
 The serum comes in a small 10ml glass bottle with a roller-ball applicator. It contains co-enzyme Q10 and Argan oil,rosehip seed oil and calendula oil, amongst other oils and claims to hydrate the eye area and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
 The product is lovely, you only need a very small amount under each eye and then blend softly with your finger to warm the oil and smooth into skin.
 It does leave the skin around the eye feeling soft and hydrated,smells gorgeous and is not in the least bit  greasy.
 You can find out more about it Here. Its priced at £21.00 and I believe will last for a very long time as I've barely made an inroad into mine after a month.
 Le Belle also have a refill option on many of their products, so to avoid environmental waste you buy a refill and fill up your glass bottle when empty.
 Their philosophy which can be seen Here  is one I wish more companies would adopt.
Lila x

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