Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Prevage by Elizabeth Arden.

 Here I am reviewing Prevage Face Serum.
   This product is right up at the high end of the market price-wise but,having used it for four months,I can honestly state that it is worth every penny.
  The Prevage range contains the ingredient Idebenone which is claimed to be the most powerful antioxidant available worldwide.I researched this product thoroughly before I decided to invest in it.
 The product claims to reduce fine lines and wrinkles,minimize age spots,sun damage and redness and give a radiance to the skin.In effect fight the signs of environmental damages such as sun damage and smoking.
 The product is pricey but its reviews are amazing,so at £100.00 for Boots,is it really worth it?
My Birthday Present :)
 It is advised by Elizabeth Arden to try Prevage on the inside of the arm as a tester for three days before commencing with facial care,in case of allergy.So I went along and asked for a tester at my Boots E.Arden counter,the assistant was helpful and friendly.I would advise to do this before buying.I have not had any allergic reaction to the serum.
 Well,I received this product as a collaborative birthday present and used it for four months.It comes in fabulous luxurious packaging,a silver pump bottle encased in a metal surround.I used one pump a day which covered my entire face.
Just one pump covers the face.
 The serum itself is a bright orange colour,which is the colour of the Idebenone and it has a light fluid texture.It has a pleasant fragrance and sinks easily into the skin and make-up can be easily applied on top of it.
 I decided to use the serum at night after cleansing & toning and under my night cream.After 4 weeks I could really see a difference in my skintone,it was definately more even and i looked healthier,the slightly pallid tint to my skin had gone and my skin was smoother.Other people commented that 'I looked well' etc.
 Over the four months I can quite honestly say that this serum made a dramatic difference to my skintone and the circles under my eyes have lightened significantly.I don't feel that my fine lines/wrinkles have changed,but i look altogether healthier/better than I did before I used it.
 This product is one of the best that I have ever used and I will certainly be asking for some for Christmas!
  The Prevage range includes Face serum,Eye Serum,Daily Moisturiser,Night repair moisturiser and a Clarity lotion

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