Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Philips ReAura Kit-Contents Of The Box

Today I started my ReAura treatment,which I will post about after telling you what I received in the ReAura box.
 The ReAura Laser System comes in a smart zip around padded and waterproof case,with a tie pouch that contains the ReAura Tip,a cleaning cloth,The charger and a little cleaning brush.
 Also included is a 60g tube of Laser Performance Gel and a 60g Pump Dispenser of Laser aftercare complex-both of these state 'Developed with the makers of Fraxel technology'.
There is also an instructional DVD and a User Manual.Along with the guarantee card.

So,yesterday,the first thing I did was read the instruction manual from cover to cover and admit that I thought 'Oh blimey,this is a bit complicated'
It isn't complicated,I'm just a bit of a Nervous Nerys and I was just worried that I wasn't going to be able to do 'IT' properly......The points I was unsure of were what speed to do the strokes at and how would I know that I had the Laser on my skin correctly.
So,I popped the DVD on....Truthfully,I wasn't going to watch the DVD,I'm a bit of a one that goes straight into things usually and learn by default but,I am so glad that I did watch it as there is a section where a lady demonstrates the product through its entirety,using it on her face as she goes so I saw for myself what speed she was using and how the contact lights come on when the laser is in contact with the skin and also heard the noises the Laser makes when one is using it and when a treatment zone session is finished.
A very useful DVD indeed.

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