Wednesday, 26 October 2011

No7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser 200ml

 A rich creamy cleanser which comes in a pump action bottle,this cleanser from Boots No7 is described as having the luxury of a spa facial in your own home.

 A muslin cloth is included in the box,to polish off the cleanser.The plastic bottle is large and easy to manage,the cleanser is thick and creamy and I use one and a half pumps for each cleanse.I run hot water into the sink and soak my muslin cloth in it. I apply the cleanser directly to my face,without water as instructed and massage in with circular motion.The cleanser spreads easily,has a light fragrance and is creamy rather than sticky.
 I then rinse the muslin cloth and place it over my face and sit for a few minutes while the heat lifts the days' make-up and grime from my face,I then use the muslin cloth to polish off the cleanser and wipe away all the muck.My face is then rinsed with clean water and splashed with cold to close my pores.
 This is a great product from No7,i am not always that impressed by their products as they can be a bit pricey in comparison to some other products on the shelves,but this one is lovely,lasts a long time and makes my skin feel incredibly clean and soft at the same time.
 I only cleanse with this three times a week as it is exfoliating when used with the muslin cloth and exfoliating too often is too harsh for most skins as it can strip the skin of its protective barrier and force the skin to over produce sebum in turn causing blocked pores and pimples.
 The cleanser is priced at £9.00 for 200mls at Boots so is a very reasonable price for a luxurious product.

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