Sunday, 18 December 2011

Philips ReAura Week Four

Hi Guys,
Firstly may I apologise for the lack of updates since my video,I have had the most horrible flu bug and have been shattered.I have however,still been keeping up with my ReAura Treatment....which felt like madness when my head felt like it was full of cotton wool and a heavy rock band all at the same time!!
Secondly,May I thank those lovely ladies who have contacted me regarding my ReAura updates,I am just so pleased that they are of use to you and that this little venture is proving to be worthwhile.
Right,now the important stuff.....after making my YouTube video I decided that it was time to move up to Level 3 on the ReAura,which is the highest level of treatment.I was dealing with Level 2 without any problems at all,so definitely felt ready to go up a notch.
 So,on my fifth treatment ( remember,the ReAura is to be used twice a week for 12 weeks on the area needing treatment) so my fifth treatment was in my 3rd week,I popped the ReAura onto Level 3.
 The laser is obviously stronger on Level 3,so is hotter and tinglier (is tinglier a word??-I'm gonna use it anyway :-)! ) and using the ReAura felt like when I used it the first time on Level 2.Some areas of my face,especially my upper lip was a tiny bit painful with the first set of strokes,but as before got easier to bear as treatment progressed.After treatment,My face stayed red & Hot for around 3 hours-again,similar to when I first started using the ReAura.
 The following day,I had a definite red patch over one of my (deeply etched) laughter lines and another huge spot developed near my nose.....I had one on my head come up at the beginning of my treatment too!!
 The red patch faded within 48 hours and the spot within 72 and I have had no more problems as I have completed treatment 6,7 & 8.
 Again,the more you use ReAura,the easier it becomes.
 I have noticed that my skin is drier on Level 3 than Level 2,but not flaky dry.
 But,the best bit of news I have is that my husband has noticed a change in me!!
 He said to me today,after I mentioned that I must update my blog about the ReAura.......wait for it......He said ' Do you know,I think that laser thing your'e doing must be working'-I said 'Really why?' and this is the important bit,for my old man is as myopic as most men when it comes to these things.....He said ' Well,I've noticed it a couple of times and I haven't been able to put my finger on it,but,You look different'.
 Okay,I had to push him on this great statement,so asked 'Different? How?' and his reply was
  ' You look sort of smoother,like your skin has been lifted,the sagginess has gone'!!!

 Woohooooooo!I look LIFTED my skins been LIFTED....hold on,did he say Sagginess?!?........
I don't care!!! LIFTED and SMOOTHER-I was and still am on cloud nine!!!

I feel that my skin looks better,it feels smoother and my open pores are not noticeable around my nose,I think that my skin looks brighter and I can definitely state that I will never have to buy a skin serum again,as my skin  looks better after four weeks with the ReAura than it has done in years with use of many different skin serums and creams.......I look LIFTED! Ha!
 So,that's me for now.....Lifted and feeling fab after four weeks, I will of course keep you updated and do check out my YouTube video if you can HERE. Please get in touch if theres' anything I can help answer for you......Love Lifted Lila xxx

To find out more about the ReAura visit Philips Here
To buy the ReAura visit SpaceNK Here

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