Monday, 21 November 2011

The arrival of my Philips ReAura.

Yeayyys,today I took delivery of my Philips ReAura and I'm so excited that I'm barely able to contain myself!!
 Sad? Maybe.....Do I care? NO!
 I have decided in my infinite wisdom (bull headed stupidity) to do a warts and all review of this product using this very new blog as a platform,which will involve me firstly posting photographs of my skin and ALL of its imperfections in its full unmade-up glory!
 Stand by people.....This will NOT be pretty and I'm a bit nervous about doing so because my skin is really awful.
 I am 41 years old and have never had any kind of cosmetic procedure done ever-So my skin is as natural as it can be and time has not been kind.
 I do spend time and money trying to take care of my skin,trying different products from every price range to help support my skin and delay the ageing process,but,whilst I believe that some serums and creams can help with pigmentation and skintone,I have not yet come across anything that has alleviated the wrinkles and fine lines of which I have an abundance!
 I am an ex-smoker and in my twenties I enjoyed a sunbed way too often so the damage is plain to see and although it can be mildly covered up by make-up,also after having had a full hysterectomy earlier this year I'm on a slippery slope,well my face is half way down the slope already....
 I haven't as yet found any reviews from anyone using the ReAura who is a similar age to myself,only from younger women who have different skin concerns from me,so I hope that by writing about my experience with the ReAura I might be able to help someone else and if nothing else you can thank your lucky stars that your skin isn't as bad as mine :)
 I'm going to try and be as informative as I can through 12 weeks of treatment to my face-Yes,Yes I know I need it! 
 So,later on this evening I will post the 'before' pictures,those of a nervous disposition please read with caution x

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