Sunday, 15 January 2012

Philips ReAura Review Skin Update after 8 weeks

Hi again its sunday,a chilling out lazy sunday and I just wanted to add a few bits of info on about my ReAura treatments and the effects on my skin.I have also taken one photo today (after 8 weeks of use)of my lip lines and zoomed it in to pop on here.
 My lip lines were REALLY bad after years of smoking but, there has been a change in them which I will try to show here.
 Its actually not that easy to get photos that show as much difference as I see as I only have a 14MP digital camera,a run of the mill quick capture one-nothing fancy,but I've done my best.
 Before I put those pics (before/after) on I will just run through a few bits of info that someone may find useful that I've found since beginning my ReAura treatments.

 Firstly,since I can remember, since my teens, I have always woken up in the morning with a greasy shiny nose and forehead,regardless of what I've been using on my skin, how long I've slept for, what was going on in my life...basically ALWAYS the same thing, greasy,oily T-Zone every single day.You know,where if you wipe your finger down the side of your nose you can feel the grease....?
 Since the very first ReAura treatment I have NOT had this! My skin is the same on my T-Zone as it is on my cheeks-Dry.
 Not dry in the sense that it is flaky or anything, dry as in Normal and not greasy or shiny and no grease or oil when I touch it!
 Its been a bit weird to be honest, because i've always had it, to not have it any more.
 Weird in a good way though :) as my skin is obviously not over-producing oil as I sleep (or during the day) so my pores are not constantly blocked.
 Which leads me on to my next bit of info, which is the one, out of all of the benefits of the ReAura so far is the one thats made me happiest.
 About 5 years ago I started to get bumps under my skin on both cheeks, blocked pores, all over my cheeks but mainly condensed on my upper cheek bones. They looked horrible, my face looked lumpy and bumpy and I was told by two beauticians that some were milia.
 I have constantly battled with these lumps and used a host of exfoliators,cleansers and steamers as well as the Oil Cleansing Method and of course some squeezing (not good I know) and nothing has shifted them.
 Last year I developed another big patch nearer to my nose on my left cheek.These blighters really got me down, my face always looked uneven and my skin (in my head) looked ugly, covered with make-up it looked worse in some ways.
 I honestly despaired of ever getting rid of them, hormonal changes had a lot to blame too and my mother had them throughout her forties.
 But, again since using the ReAura these bumps have nearly all gone, running my fingertips lightly over my face I can only feel a few, that's gone from my cheeks being completely covered to next to nothing.
 I am so happy about this,I can't tell you how over the moon I am.
  It is my understanding that the ReAura is causing the skin to renew at a faster rate, like it did when I was younger, so the dead skin cells that we all have are being shifted at a faster rate, not giving them time to clog up my pores and cause lumps and bumps,please correct me if I'm wrong on that.
 Just one more thing, I was asked by someone who has been following my progress here, if I waxed my upper lip and eyebrows as she was aware of some people having had bad experiences of people having had fraxel treatment having skin torn as a result of then waxing.
 I do wax usually, but, I would NO WAY want to wax my face whilst using the ReAura, as while my skin isn't sore or delicate, it does feel very 'new' and soft. I wouldn't want to use anything harsh on my skin at all right now in fact.
 The lady who emailed me suggested that threading would possibly be better, I agree, but I had already used a hair removal cream (Boots Own) for my upper lip and have plucked my stray eyebrows.All without consequence.
 I thought this info was helpful, so thank you S for emailing it to me.
 Right,I have wittered on again,so without further ado here are the aforementioned photos.
 1st one is the before pic zoomed in....taken 21/11/11

 And here is the photo taken this morning 15/01/12 after 8 weeks of ReAura treatments (16 treatments)

 I can see the differences in the mirror, can you see them?
 Let me know and please get in touch if there is anything I've not been very good at explaining :)
 Love Lila xx
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  1. Hi LilaB,

    Gosh, you really are getting good results. i think your lip area is smoother. I bet it looks even better in real life. The pictures in the previous blog show remarkable improvement in skin tone, loads of the brown discoloration has gone! I started last week, just completed session 3 this evening. I am really encouraged to keep at it, your results are inspiring me! thank you for posting. Sinead

  2. Hi Eleanor and Sinead Thank you for your lovely comments :)Its brilliant to hear from you x
    Sinead,if you get a mo, please keep us updated on how your ReAura treatment is going and any changes you notice.How are you finding the redness etc?
    It'd be great to hear more experiences from other ReAura users too. Lila xx

  3. Looks great to me Lila look forward to hearing from Sinead.

  4. Hi Lila,

    Just completed session 4. I decided to use level 3 this time, I want results!. It was a bit more painful that level 2, but not enough to make me want to switch back down. I was very red afterwards but the stinging and redness disappeared after a couple of hours. This morning, I still have a slight redness but I have a high colour naturally so this is not unusual for me. I have a lot of brown spots so I am hoping that this treatment will remove them. So far, I have noticed that enlarged pores around my nose are a bit tighter. My skin looks good, and it does not feel like paper as it did after the first few treatments. I dont expect the brown spots to fade that quickly, but I will keep you updated on progress. Lila, you are doing a twelve week program, I though that it was an eight week program?? Sinead

    1. Hi Sinead, Thank you for your update-That is so helpful :)and good of you to take the time to do, you seem to be having a similar experience to me with the redness and heat.Its great that you have moved up to level 3, I couldn't wait to do that too!!

      I decided to post my 'after' pics from using the ReAura as on the Philips website (where I originally found the ReAura),the before & after pics are shown of differences in ladies skin after 12 weeks. When I started with this blog back in November, this led me to believe that 12 weeks was how long it would be until I saw results....little did I know that I would see results as quickly as I did!! All of the literature and advice state that its an 8 week programme.So you are right, it is an 8 week programme.
      I was initially confused about this. But,I have spoken to the Philips ReAura team and their advice is to use the ReAura for 8 weeks, then have a break for a week or so,to give the skin a rest then either continue with another 8 week block or use the ReAura once a week as a top up.
      I am gonna post my after photos after 12 weeks as i'm gonna stick to my original plan to see/show the differences as Philips use the 12 week mark (i do hope that makes sense??).
      Thank you again, Lila x

  5. Thank you so much for this review, I'm going to blog about it too, I just used it for the first time this morning - your video was invaluable! Do you mind if I link to your posts? I don't have any sun damage but I'm really impressed at the difference it has made to your overall skin tone, you look great.

    1. Hi Tabitha, Thank you for your comments, I am so glad that my video was useful to you-Thats Great to know :)
      It is exciting that you have started your ReAura use and are welcome to link to my posts-perhaps you would like to leave the name of your blog here so that others can follow your progress, the more information the better I think.I do have a few broken veins but think they have gotten smaller (not as noticeable) with the ReAura use-they are to be seen on my before pics if you look closely, they were not my main problem tho,my skin was just awful before I started using the ReAura! Broken veins were the least of it :) :)
      Thank you again and good luck with your ReAura and blog, Lila x

  6. Oh, do you have any broken veins? That's my main problem but I'm not sure they will improve, I may just skim over those. Thanks!

    1. Hello!
      Did it helps with the veins?

  7. Great, thanks! Ah broken veins are my worst problem, I'm one of those 'pink' people.
    My blog is called
    Thanks again for your video it was invaluable.

  8. Hi Lila
    I just wanted to say, that I love your blog. It is beautifully written and is very inspirational. I have been following your progress since you popped into the EDS forum, and I am blown away by your results so far.

    Are you getting many comments from people that know you?

    The ReAura is a very tempting tool - but is currently not available in Australia so I may have to wait a while! I guess my skin issues are different to yours anyway. Little in the way of sun damage/pigmentation, but plenty of sagging, lines and spider veins.

    I purchased a Sqoom ultrasound recently - and may even start up a blog, if/when I see some progress! Until then I shall wait patiently for your next update.


    1. Hi collette, Thank you for your lovely comments and I'm glad that my blog is helpful to you :)

      I have had loads of comments about my skin from all manner of people who see me regularly-best ones have been 'Wow! Look at you, You look fabulous! Have you got a new man!!' Haha...that made me laugh :)And 'You don't look old enough to have a 20yr old daughter'!! That was from a lady the same age as me- I was chuffed.
      Mainly,people tell me I look healthy, well or Great. My Mum, who I hadn't seen since before I started the ReAura saw me last week and straight away said that my skin looks fantastic, what a difference etc.
      One friend (who didn't know about my ReAura) asked me if I'd started using different make-up,as my skin looks so smooth... i said 'No,that is my skin!!' WooooHooo :)
      My husband says my skin looks younger, so its definitely a noticeable change.
      I had to look up the Sqoom as I had never heard of it....How is that working out for you? Did you start a blog about it? I think its only available from Harrods here.
      Best wishes Lila x

  9. Lila,

    I would love to try this as I can really see the difference. Huge!! I have the lines around my lips and I have NEVER smoked1

    Art by Karena