Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Philips ReAura Review Continued-2nd & 3rd Treatments

Hi all,I completed my 2nd ReAura treatment last friday (25th Nov) and My 3rd yesterday (29th Nov) and am back to update on my progress.
 Firstly,I found the 2nd treatment was a little more painful and stung more than the first,not to the point where it was too much to bear or anything dramatic like that,but it was a bit more difficult.Also my skin stayed hot and red for at least three hours afterwards and I applied the ReAura Laser Aftercare Complex three times during the course of the evening as my skin seemed to just suck it in! By morning,all redness had disappeared and my face felt fine again.A day after the treatment a huge spot appeared above my left eyebrow-I don't often get spots,but don't know if it was down to the laser treatment or not.
 I popped out to Boots and invested in a tube of Avene Eau Thermale Soothing Moisture Mask and Avene Eau Thermale Thermal Water Spray.I used the mask that evening to give my face a good dose of moisturisation.
  My third treatment yesterday,was really easy and far less uncomfortable than either of the previous two,it also only took 18 minutes to complete-so practice is making perfect! Again,my skin was hot and red for only an hour and I used two doses of Aftercare Complex.
 I used the Thermal Water Spray directly after after my treatment and it really cooled my skin down quickly,It comes in an aerosol can and sprays a fine cool mist of water onto the skin.I used it again 20 minutes later and do think that it helped to calm the redness down a lot.
 This morning I woke up to a red patch on my 'smile line' and a smaller one on my chin.They are neither sore nor dry and do not sting at all-just a bit red and angry looking,even covered with make-up.
 My skin in general since starting the ReAura treatment feels constantly dry and papery to the touch,but it doesn't look dry.It feels a little tight,but not horrendously so and my oily t-zone has not been oily or shiny at all-Which is a BIG bonus and something that I have never experienced before.
 Apparently,the dryness is all part of the skin rejuvenation process of the laser,so I am not unduly worried about it but will avoid any harsh skincare treatments while I'm using the ReAura.
 My regular skincare regime consists of Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser for Combi Skin,Clarins Combi/Oily Skin Toner and Clarins Hydraquench Day Cream with SPF15. I have been able to continue to use these products without any problems as they are gentle on the skin and I have also exfoliated with Boots No7 Radiance Revealed Exfoliator,again without issue.The only skincare treatment that I have changed has been my night time moisturiser so I am using the ReAura Aftercare Complex for a deeper moisturisation.
 I would also definitely advise to use a day cream with a SPF of 15 or above for extra protection.

 Have I started to see any difference to my face other than a non oily t-zone??
 Well....Yes. The large open pores around my nose,on my cheeks are much smaller and tighter,so are the ones on my chin.Although on the bridge of my nose,where I can't quite master the ReAura they are still enlarged.
 The broken capillaries right next to my nose on either side have faded and there is less of them and the big dot of a broken capillary on my right cheek has faded too-YAY!
 I think that my skin looks brighter,smoother and healthier-despite the dry feeling.
 The proof of any change will of course be in my 'after' photos in 11 weeks time,We will see.
 If you are considering buying a ReAura or asking for one for Xmas and you have any questions at all,please do ask,I would be happy to try and help.Love Lila xx

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  2. Laila may i say your blog is awsome and thank You. I am a skincare junkie' have had multiple treatments........ my main weapons before and after using reaura and to give even furthersome results'-build up gradually though i warn-are retin a, just hit the highest strength-once then 2x per wk and ease into it-sunblock and lots of moisturiser unperfumed always. Finally botsulin toxin, botox-dysport-definately being the stronger.
    48yrs young-smoker from age 13-im ashamed to say' owned and used solariums from 16-30, no surgery-solely botsulin toxin-retin a and reaura, people always think im early 30s. ps retin a is a fight to get from doctors here, if friends are going to spain it can be bought over the counter-tretenoin cream' at chemists ask for RETIRIDES 12euros a tube. comes in 0.25 weak up to 0.1percent strongest.
    best regards and keep being young Mike.