Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Philips ReAura Review- Previously Unseen Before & After Photo

Hi all, I have popped back to publish a previously unseen photograph of the results that I have had from my ReAura treatments. I have been receiving a steady amount of emails in regard to the ReAura and thought that these pics may be of interest.
 I took the before picture back on 21/11/2011 before starting the ReAura treatments, alongside the pics that I have already shared....however,it is SO HIDEOUS that I couldn't bring myself to post it online with the other ones........but I took an after photograph on 13/02/2012 after 12 weeks and can't believe the difference.
 I have kept these to myself as really,it is a bit weird putting photos of my face in all its naked glory (so to speak) on the internet-but, I do feel that these two show how much plumper and elastic my skin is now, how the collagen has plumped my skin out again-its quite amazing.
 Now,the pics are of me smiling,from the side. The first pics is a bit blurred (which in one sense is a good thing,but I apologise for that) however you can still see how old and untoned my face is.

The second photo (after 12 weeks taken 13/02/2012) shows the difference is incredible. I have a jaw line again and no longer have such a bad eye bag!!!
My face has been lifted up and plumped out.
The results that I have had from using the Philips ReAura have been remarkable and I am nervous about posting this set of pics as I do look so awful but, if it helps you make a decision or helps you to see that your skin is nowhere near as bad as mine, or indeed gives you a good laugh then heyho....

I have been asked if I have had botox or fillers since starting the ReAura treatment-No I definitely haven't and have to say I still wouldn't for a myriad of reasons. Anyhoo, I don't think I need to now I have my ReAura!!!

I hope this set of pics are useful to someone, I'm not sure how long I will leave them up for as it does feel odd having such horrendous photos of myself on the internet-Let me know if you have any feedback or questions-
Love Lila xx
For further info on the Philips ReAura go Here
To buy the ReAura go Here to SpaceNK


  1. My englisch is not so good while i am living in Holland. I bought the reaura and used it now for 8 times ( 4 weeks). I want to have results at my lips lines which i hate very much and which i have a lot. But after 4 weeks i still see no results. I think they become even worser!
    What is your experience with the lip lines?

    1. Hi Suzanne, Thank you for your comment, its great to hear from other ReAura users.
      In reply to your question, I also have issues with Lip Lines and as I am an Ex-smoker I have exacerbated them, Oh how I wish I'd never taken up with smoking!!!
      I have found that using the ReAura has plumped out the smaller, finer lines completely,so they are no longer visible and has softened the deeper ones, but not gotten rid of them altogether.
      I think that overall my skin looks
      healthier,fresher and plumper and that by using the Reaura I am hopefully going to prevent the finer lines re-appearing and getting deeper.
      You are still quite early on in your treatments and the results do come on over the weeks, so perhaps a little more time and treatments need to pass before your lip lines show improvement?
      I hope that you get the results that you desire, please pop back and let us know.
      All best wishes Lila x

  2. Hi Lila,

    these photos are amazing. Have you continued using the Reaura for a second set of 8 weeks. I completed my 8 weeks. I did notice a marked improvement, my skin is plumper and fine lines have softened. My dark spots faded a bit but are not totally gone. Im due to go on a sun holiday (factor 50 I think!!) , so I think I will do a second batch when I come home. Many people have commented on how good my skin looks. You must be thrilled with your results. Thanks for posting the pictures, i wish i had taken before and after pictures too!! XX Sinead

    1. Hiya Sinead, its lovely to hear from you :). I am sooo glad that you have have had good results with the ReAura too and that other people are noticing how good you look.
      I think having the before pics really helped me actually see how much difference there has been,as its easy to forget what we looked like before!! I can't forget now!!!!
      I have started on another 8 week treatment set, I am just going to carry on doing my treatments with a 2 or 3 week break to let my skin rest.
      You lucky thing going off on a holiday in the sun, but best you slather that SPF cream on :)
      Thank you Sinead for posting, its so helpful and have a wonderful holiday.
      Lila x

  3. Hi lila,

    Seen yourre photo s and they are just amazing, it s a miracle, wow you look so mutch younger.

    Suzanne i am from holland to, this is my email adress, i want to ask you some about the re-aura, want to buy it to!


    1. Hi Lela and Thank you for your comment, I hope that Suzanne sees it and is able to contact you, if you would like any info from me please email at tayybirch@hotmail.co.uk

      Lila x

  4. this is realy amazing, you look 15 years younger, No Joke
    I am in my 4 week with the reaura, so this is realy helpful.


    1. Hi Maat, Thank you for your comment, my skin does look younger and I am really happy with the results :)
      Good luck with your ReAura use, its great to hear from other users of the ReAura and to hear how they are getting on, please post again if you have any updates,
      Best wishes Lila x

  5. Hi Lila! Thank you for tracking how you got on and posting the pictures, they're amazing! I have- with some reservation regarding the cost- just ordered my reaura and am sooo hoping to get results even half as impressive as yours... just a question, did you find that your skin was firmer/ more elastic after the treatment? Thanks, G x

  6. I just don't see how you could possibly have gotten the results in your pictures using the Reaura alone. I'm 36, and have done 16 treatments now, so the full course of 8 weeks they recommend. I have seen close to ZERO result. Pores are no smaller, tiny wrinkles around my eyes the same, no discernible lightening of my few age spots, no difference to slightly sagging skin a jawline. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement, and I reckon the Reaura isn't sold in the States (where I'm from originally) because there you have consumer protection and can return things, whereas in the UK you're stuck with it once you've bought it. I am stunned really, to see no benefits from this machine, as it certainly hurts while you're using it and face is puffy and red the next two days, yet no visible benefits after two months of using it, exactly following the directions.