Sunday, 17 June 2012

Philips ReAura-Continued Use-Forehead Results

Hi all, As you know, I have been using the Philips ReAura Laser Treatment system since November 2011 and its the product that started my interest in blogging.
 I used the ReAura for 12 weeks and have posted my results here on glamplusforty.
 I have of course continued to use the ReAura after having had a two week break and am back with another results photo. I think that the ReAura is continuing to work and hopefully you will be able to see that by these photos.
 My forehead, which in the 'before' pic taken 21/11/2011 was quite lined and my 'elevens' were quite deep. These pics show the difference from then to today.
before 21/11/2011
And taken today-about 20mins ago

The lighting is different and I apologise for that, but I think you can see even with my little point and snap camera that my 'elevens' have diminished massively! There was no flash used in either photograph and it was difficult tearing Mr Glam away from the football for any longer than 5 minutes-but hopefully you too can see how the ReAura is doing for me.
Let me know what you think x
 If you would like to find out more about the Philips ReAura go Here
 The ReAura is available to buy in the UK at SpakeNK Here

Lila x

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  1. The Re Aura takes forever to charge. It is driving me crazy!!

    1. Really Jan? I haven't found that at all-It usually takes about 30 minutes to give it a charge. I charge it every time I use it, how long is it taking you?

    2. I always charge it when I finish using it hoping it wont take too long to re-charge for next treatment. It still takes best part of an hour before it's ready for use.