Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My First ReAura Treatment

Today I have completed my first treatment session with the Philips ReAura Laser system and thought it would be  a good idea to let you know how I have gotten on.
 I first cleansed my face with The Body Shops Cucumber Water as a mild cleanser is recommended by Philips and settled myself in front of my bedroom mirror with the ReAura,the laser performance  gel and my instruction manual just in case.....
I then applied one pea sized dose of laser performance gel to each zone of my face.
Each treatment area that ReAura can be used on,Face, Hands, Arms, Neck and Decolletage are divided up into zones which the ReAura then treats with the exact amount of Fraxel laser therapy needed,when one zone has been completed the ReAura makes a ringing sound and goes into standby mode so you know to start the next zone.
The face is divided into three zones,the left cheek,the right cheek and the forehead-the cheek zones include half of the chin each and half of the area above the lip each.
The laser performance gel is thicker than I'd expected and goes onto the skin easily and the three pea sized blobs are the right amount.
I switched the ReAura on,popped on the tip which is necessary for treatment and selected setting 2 on the intensity button.
The ReAura has three intensity settings 1 which is for practice only and does not deliver any results,2 and 3 are the levels to use for treatment.
I started the treatment on the right cheek zone.When you place the ReAura tip onto the skin and you have good contact the tip lights up Red,the Red goes off if contact is incorrect.Then you move the ReAura along the skin in either horizontal or vertical strokes.The ReAura lights up Green along the sides when its being moved at the correct speed and makes a humming sound-The sound stops and lights go off if contact is interrupted.
I found the ReAura easy to move along the skin both vertically and horizontally except for on the nose and near the nostrils,I definitely need practice there.
When the laser is working on the skin it feels like two hot prickles moving down the skin,its slightly uncomfortable and hot but not unbearable or un-doable,the prickly pain eases as you go over the area which has already done,in a checkerboard pattern and its not an unpleasant feeling at all,just warm.You musn't concentrate on one area,you need to treat the whole area evenly in order to make the best of the treatments.
I was really surprised as I'd built it up that it was going to really burn and it really didn't!!
When the 'zone-completed' sound went off I was amazed at how quickly it had gone,my right cheek zone was bright red and I felt a bit stingy but moved on to the left cheek zone,that was exactly the same experience as the right.
I found my forehead the most tricky to treat as its difficult to maintain skin contact with the laser due to the forehead being bony,so I will need more practice with  this area and it took slightly longer to complete the zone.
After 30 minutes my treatment was complete and my face was very red and a bit stingy.The feeling I can liken it to best is a 'Sauna Face Mask' those face masks that heat as they go onto your skin,they always feel too hot on my face........except this feeling lasts longer.Or sunburn.
As you can see I look a bit like a lobster.....
I then rinsed off the laser performance gel with cold water,splashing my face was a delight and actually really helped with the heat,then applied a generous dollop of the Aftercare complex which has the texture of a very good thick serum,my skin drank this within an hour but after an hour the heat had diminished completely and I was just slightly glowy pink.After  three hours I have no redness,pinkness or prickling at all,my skin does feel a bit tight but also very soft and smooth.
The redness and prickling are only to be expected with this sort of laser treatment and are by no means terrible or unbearable,they also mean that the treatment is being done effectively.Given that my redness only lasted an hour I don't think that is terrible at all and am quite impressed by the simplicity of the whole procedure.I should start seeing some results in four to five weeks which is SO EXCITING!!
I hope that this little diatribe has been of some use to someone and if there is anything that I haven't covered that you would like to know,please don't hesitate to ask.....love Lila x

Philips ReAura Website

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