Thursday, 2 February 2012

Philips ReAura Review Ten Weeks Update

Hi all, firstly may I apologise for my absence online for the past two weeks, I have had a few personal crises to deal with, which have massively gotten in the way of Everything Else!!
 Anyhoo, I am back to update on my ReAura usage, a little bashed from some of lifes surprises but hey ho!

 Now, here's the thing, When I first came across the Philips ReAura and read about it and its benefits etc. I saw on the Philips ReAura website that the results photographs posted by Philips were after 12 weeks of home use by 64 users, also the results photos in my ReAura instruction manual are also after 12 weeks so I assumed that the treatment plan for one area was 12 weeks.......
 This information was my assumption when I started to write this blog, however I was wrong in this as each treatment plan for each area is in fact 8 WEEKS at two treatments per week.
 I called the ReAura support team ( who are ever so helpful and friendly) and they confirmed to me that Philips recommend that the ReAura be used for 8 weeks at 2 treatments per week,per area (ie face,neck, decollete, hands or arms) You can then have a break from the ReAura for a week or two, to give the skin a rest, before resuming with treatments.
  You can resume to another 8 weeks schedule at two treatments per week or one treatment per week, or top up as you feel necessary......Just as long as you don't use the ReAura any more than twice a week on any one area and you do give your skin a break.

 So, I completed 8 weeks of treatments to my face and have had a 2 week break. I have started treating my neck in that two weeks.
 On tuesday of this week (31st Jan 2012) I resumed treating my face and will be posting my final after pictures at the end of next week. I began this blog saying that I would post my results pictures after 12 weeks and am going to stick to that.
 I am actually really pleased that I can use the ReAura on my face so regularly as I feel that it will be marvellous at preventing signs of aging re-appearing as well as all the repairing benefits it has already given me.
 I missed using it during my break and did find that my t-zone got slightly greasy again after the first week of non-use!
 Anyhoo, I thought I'd share another set of before and after pictures taken 6 weeks apart, as you may have already read in my previous posts, I went a bit bonkers (to put it mildly) at week 6 of my ReAura treatments and took a silly amount of photos (well, asked my husband to take them) and studied them intensely- obsessive or what!?!
 These are of my forehead, frown lines and 'elevens' lines. I think the noticable changes after 6 weeks is again in my skin tone, its not as shiny and discoloured, I also think that the smaller or my 'elevens' lines (the ones between my brow) has gotten a bit smaller. Again, I've done my best with my limited camera to show the difference.                Before
Taken 21/11/11
                                After 6 weeks
Taken 03/01/12 

  Yet more very unattractive photos of me......Ha! And Yes, My eyebrows needed doing :-).....but can you see the difference??
 Thank you for all your previous comments and do let me know what you think or how you are getting on with your ReAuras. I will be photographing my final Face next weekend.
Take care, Love Lila xx

See My YouTube ReAura Video HERE
The Philips ReAura can be bought at HERE
The Philips ReAura Website isHERE


  1. Hi Lila,

    great picture, looking forward to all the before an after shots. I have just done my 9th session, and Im seeing some improvement in the dark spots, but I have not seen the improvement that you have yet. Still only half way through the program. Im still using level 3 and it not as painful as before, redness is disappearing quicker too (or else Im just getting used to it!) My skin has a better tone, and Im convinced that my pores are smaller. Keep posting, you blog is great. thanks Sinead

    1. Hi Sinead, Thank you for your update, it really is interesting to hear how you are getting on. I found the redness and pain lessened as I've gone along too- and the treatment time got shorter as I became better at using the ReAura. Its great that your skin tone is better and pores are smaller-Has anyone else noticed or commented yet?
      Thanks again Sinead, your posts are so welcome and informative,
      Love Lila xx

  2. Hi Lila,

    thanks for doing this blog! I'm thinking about buying this device but wanted to be sure it was worthwile as it's not cheap. Are you still convinced it's working? Can you use it on your eye area, especially under eye bags? Thanks again, Jen

    1. Hiya Jen and Thank you for commenting. I am totally convinced that the ReAura has worked on my skin.
      The difference in my skin is incredible and its a shame that I can't do a texture/feel before and after to show the difference in that too :)
      I will be posting my final pictures tomorrow (monday).
      I am seriously impressed by the ReAura and whilst I don't look 21 again,my skin hasn't looked this good in many years.
      You can use the ReAura up to the edge of the bone under the eye, but, its not supposed to be used directly under the eye where there is no bone,I've used it up to the edge of the bone and my eye bags (i think) have reduced somewhat.
      Thanks again Lila xx

  3. i'm particularly interested in how it's going on your neck - any conclusions? ta

  4. Hi Lila
    My Reaura is on route to me. I have crepey loose skin above my eye. Can I use it just under the eyebrow as there is a bone there do you think?