Saturday, 2 June 2012

Bust PhytoSerum By Talika-Myth or Miracle?

 I was sent the new Talika Bust Phytoserum to try six weeks ago. Talika claim that the serum will increase volume in the bust so much so that one cup size will be gained in just six weeks.
Also that by applying the serum every day, the breasts will be lifted and firmed.
Derived from Ayurvedic medicine and containing hyaluronic acid, the serum comes in a blue 50ml pump bottle and costs £35.
So, I have duly applied the white serum to my breasts in a figure of eight motion every evening after showering.
The serum has quite a strong chemically smell and leaves the skin tingling and a bit hot.The smell lasts on the skin until it is showered off again and is rather unpleasant.
 After my full six weeks of application, I can report that my breasts are exactly the same as when I started!! No difference is evident whatsoever. No more firmness or volume.
  I personally don't worry about my breasts much, they aren't bad for my age and of an average size but for anyone who feels that they might benefit from a product such as this, it didn't work on me.
You can find out more about this product Here.
Love Lila x

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