Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Philips ReAura Results After Six Weeks

Hi All, Happy New Year to you all!!
I'm here to update you on my ReAura progress after having completed six weeks worth of treatments ie 12  and I have some photographs of how my skin is doing and I have to say that its VERY EXCITING!!!!

Without further ado I have a picture of the left side of my forehead....here is the before picture (note the large age spot,the large scar and the dreadful discolouration).Taken 21/11/2011
  Okay Drum Roll Please,here is the same area taken today 02/01/2012 in daylight,in front of a window,in as similar circumstances as possible to the photo above and of course without make-up.....

WOOHOOOOO!! I can't believe it,honestly in only six weeks,look at the difference in my skin!!! It is flippin' amazing....The age spot has nearly disappeared,the discolouration has faded dramatically and can you see the scar??? It is just about visible,but only if you look really hard.The lines to the corner of my eye are definitely not as pronounced and my skin tone is a million times better,its now fresher and i think is glowing,its certainly not shiny and unhealthy looking as before!!
WoooooHoooooooo again!!!
 My skin also feels fabulous,softer and smoother than it has done in years!!
 I have more photos taken today,really because I wanted to see what differences were really taking place by comparing some from today from the ones taken in November....If you would like to see another comparison picture please post a comment under this post as I'm still not receiving much feedback from my little experiment and would appreciate knowing if anyone is finding this useful???

The Philips ReAura can be bought at SpaceNK.com HERE
The Philips ReAura Website is HERE
My YouTube Video on ReAura is HERE

Thank you my lovelies and Happy 2012 to one and all Lila xx


  1. Hi Lila ... thank you again & PLEASE can I see more photos! Your experiment is so worthwhile & giving me hope! Still saving up for one. Did you buy it over the phone & if so, how straightforward was it? Thanks! X

  2. yes, more photos please! I'm thinking about buying it but wasn't sure if I can believe the company hype

  3. Hi Eleanor and Swerve,Thank you for your support,I am so glad that my experiment is being of some help to you....it has spurred me on :-).
    I have posted another photo in the post above this one,in which I think there is quite a dramatic change.
    Eleanor,buying the ReAura over the phone is extremely straightforward with a skin assessment very similar to the one you can do online at www.philips.co.uk/reaura.They pretty much ask you the same questions.
    The skincare consultant that I spoke to was really lovely,helpful and friendly,she really took time to talk me through everything despite her being full of cold!
    Good luck with your saving xx

  4. Just had my first session.No surprises from what i've read. Went straight to level 3 and coped OK.

    1. Glad your first session with the ReAura went well John,
      Do let us know how you get on over the treatment course.
      Lila x

  5. Hi, I love ur reviews in ur blog, I was wondering if I can send u money to get the aura laser, because I live in the USA and I can not get it here. Thank you so much.