Saturday, 14 January 2012

ReAura Review Six Week Results-Part Three

|Hi All,
  I am now in my Eighth week of my Philips ReAura treatments and I can't begin to describe how happy i am with my skin!! As you have seen in my last two posts,my skintone has dramatically changed for the better and it keeps on getting better with every treatment!
  My skin looks plumper now than it has looked in years (I actually can't remember my skin being this good-I know it was once,but,can't quite put my finger on what age i was then,it was that long ago)-Does anyone else ever feel like this...or is it just me?-Anyhoo, I digress-I'm here today as I have had a couple of requests for photos of my around the mouth area and queries of any changes due to the ReAura treatments.
 Now,on 3rd Jan 2012 I took several photos of my face as I had completed six weeks treatments,then I'm ashamed to say and You will laugh,I went bonkers and took photos (well got my weary husband to do them) on the 5th Jan,7th Jan AND 8th Jan!!!!!
 I became completely obsessed for a few days zooming in and out of photos of my ugly mug in every position possible and every light possible bar ultraviolet ;) to note every detail of change that I possibly could-I went mad!! Not for the first time obviously, I've always teetered on the insanely neurotic!!
 I believe i did this because I refused to believe my own eyes with the pics taken on 3rd Jan and was convinced that I couldn't be right,so subjected myself to a full on photographic inquisition.
 Not normal I know and seemingly extremely vain,which can't be a good characteristic to admit to!?!
 I'm ashamed...........
 But,what that did provide me with was more photos to show You, which might redeem my vanity a tiny bit as I am going to share the pics of my mouth area after six weeks....Hurray more photos of me without make-up.....Great. ( Please feel the heavy sarcasm and huge sigh of resignation due to the fact I know that I started this 'great experiment' and I can blame nobody but myself for my foolishness)
 Right, So, The first pic is my original Lip Lines Pic which was taken on 21/11/2011

The next pic (2) was taken on 03/01/2012 after 12 treatments (6weeks) 
Pic 2

And comparison pics from the sides........3rd pic is the Left side original (21/11/11)

3rd Pic
And the 4th pic was taken 08/01/2012....Told you i went mad :-) 
5th Pic

And finally,the Right side of my face taken 21/11/11....

And the Right side taken 08/01/12.....

 Now,Please bear in mind that these pics were taken after 12 & 13 treatments OR 6 weeks,which is effectively half way through the 12 week treatment plan that I am doing. 
 As Philips state Here that independent dermatologists recorded that the ReAura used by 64 home users found that:-
 81% reported-Reduction in fine lines
 83%-Evens skin tone
 86%-Smooths skin texture

So,I'm going to wait the full 12 weeks before taking the final results pictures.As the results shown on the Philips website show results after 12 weeks-I will do the same thing.
But, I will say that my skin looks and feels fantastic and I'm hoping for even more change (thinking there already has been more change but daren't take more pics yet!!!)-Its incredible how quickly I've seen and felt a difference actually.

Its a shame that I can't post zoomed in photos of particular wrinkles or marks,but they probably wouldn't make much sense to anyone but me......hmmmmmmmm.......I hope that this has been of use to you today,I must away now and make Broccoli & Stilton soup for my long suffering hubby

To find out more about the ReAura visit Philips Here
To buy the ReAura from SpaceNK go Here
Love Lila xx

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