Monday, 13 February 2012

Philips ReAura Review Final Post-After 12 Weeks !!!!

Good evening my lovelies, I am here to bring you the results of my ReAura Treatments after 12 weeks!
 It seems like so much longer than twelve weeks ago that I started recording my experience with the ReAura and I must admit that I've rather enjoyed it, once I'd gotten over myself in regard to the photos of my skin before I started my treatments-they still make me cringe, who in their right mind puts zoomed in photos of their face on the internet??
  Only a fool.
  I am that fool .........but, huge sigh of relief that the photos I have had taken today show a hugely improved fool!
 Thank goodness for that, otherwise I'd be here 12 weeks later, posting a set of equally hideous photos and resigning myself to a future spent wearing a bag on my head!! Feeling proper stupid....

 As it is, if my foolhardiness has helped anyone of you make a decision about the ReAura or information about what one can expect from using it, then I'm glad to have been able to provide that information :)

I have now completed 20 treatments to my face with the Philips ReAura and have before and after photos for you- at a price of nearly £800, the ReAura is a big investment to make in a skincare product. This is one skincare product however, that for me, has worked.

Before 21/11/2011

After 13/02/2012

I have now been trying to upload photos onto my blog for a whole hour and have only managed to  get these two on!!! Very frustrating.....So I have added them to this page HERE  on my blog. I will try again tomorrow to add the rest of the pics as blogger is not working tonight!!!
 Apologies for that,let me know what you think of the pics i have managed to post-Love Lila xx


  1. Hi Lila,

    Whow, what a result! Im really impressed, the brown spots have virtually faded away, your skin looks really refined and smooth. Im surprised at how lifted your jaw looks, I bet you are delighted. Looking forward to seeing more photos. Im at session 11 and Im finally seeing results, my brown spots are fading and my skin is looking great. Thank you for posting, your results kept me going. Sinead

    1. Hi Coolmama,
      I am impressed too!! My skin is a thousand times better than it was before starting the ReAura, I am just so pleased.How are your traetments going now? Have you seen the results that you wanted? I do hope so, please let us know and thank you again for your input, Love Lila x

  2. Replies
    1. Hiya,constanttraveller,
      I have indeed been using the ReAura on my hands as I had age spots on them,I am having identical results on my hands as I had on my face.
      The age spots are fading rapidly after four weeks and my skin looks and feels plumper.
      Best wishes Lila x