Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Philips ReAura Results After Six Weeks-Part Two

Good evening and thank you so much to all of you who have contacted me today to let me know that you are following this blog about my use of the Philips ReAura and its effects.
 I have been deeply heartened that there are so many of you that are finding it of interest and that you would like to see more pictures-So,I have another photo for you of my results after just six weeks of use (or 12 treatments) to my face.Again the new  photo was taken yesterday morning,in broad daylight by a frighteningly close to my face camera!!! My husband is a star ;-). Again it was taken without make-up and at as similar an angle as possible to the 'Before' photo which was taken on 21/11/11. (I must be stark raving bonkers to do this!!!)
 Let me know what you think........

First photo is the before photo of my awful left cheek,worst part of my face for discolouration,note the patch of discolouration which I have circled (badly I admit,but trying to show you) and also note the circled jowl around my mouth-Very Unpleasant and I apologise if you have just eaten!

Okay,I now present to you my new left cheek.....tadadadadatataaaaa...........

 Its AMAZING!!! It doesn't even look like the same cheek!! And it is,its my cheek and its a squillion times better!!!!! My jowly thing is nowhere near as jowly....Don't you think? And my skintone is completely different,the discolouration has diminished dramatically and the lines have reduced!!!!! I am quite blown away by the changes and its only been six weeks-Given that the starting block that was my skin before-I think the difference is dramatic-What do you think? Am I exaggerating this here and fooling myself?!?
I'm now off to do my thirteenth treatment of the ReAura,I hope I have been of use.
Love Lila x

To find out more about the ReAura visit Philips Here
To buy the ReAura visit SpaceNK Here


  1. Wooooow ! Lila, certanly you are not fooling yourself - effects are clearly visible even for my myopic eyes . I think Philips should pay you some gratification for such a great advert ;)
    Thanks a lot for very helpful and honest blog and pictures , they will make a parting with my money less painful !
    All the best

  2. Hi Lila,
    I have been following your progress, OMG, what a difference. I bought a Reaura before Christmas and I did 3 sessions, then got sick and had to stop. I am about to start again and I cannot wait. Looking at your results, I am inspired to get going. I agree with Agnieszka, Philips should have you as a poster girl, your whole face must be look fantastic. Well done and thank you for posting. Kind Regards Sinead

  3. Hi Agnieszka and Sinead,
    Thank you both for your positive comments and for following my blunder through the world of blogging :-)! I am so glad that the ReAura posts are being of help to you and I'm truly surprised myself at the difference in my skin!! However,as I'm no beauty queen (even the ReAura can't change that) I can't see that anyone would want me for a poster girl-Hahaaaa! But what lovely kind comments xx
    Please feel free to comment on here with your progress as i'll bet that other people would be very grateful to hear your opinion,I know I would :-) xx Good Luck with your ReAuras' xx