Thursday, 17 November 2011

My E.L.F Stash

Okay,So last week I decided to take the plunge and make a little order from E.L.F Cosmetics or as their website is known.
I have been dallying around in ordering from them as I had never used their products before and they are Incredibly cheap,so,I questioned the quality.I also didn't really want to place an order for one item to 'try' and pay the £2.95 delivery charge for a £1.50 cosmetic item-Yes, £1.50 is cheap isn't it??
 Anyhoo,having joined their Facebook page and looked around the site several times,I received an email with an offer code to spend £10.00 and get free delivery AND a mystery box.....Well,what more incentive than a mystery box??
A mystery box could be anything,it could even be a boat!      (Family Guy Reference).
I couldn't resist the calling of a mystery box,so went ahead and ordered 1 x eyelid primer (£1.50)-1 x Slant Tweezers (that I needed,honestly! £1.50)-1 x Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder (£1.50)-1 x lip brush (£1.50)-1 x Luscious Liquid Lipstick (£1.50)-1x Plumping Lip Glaze ( £1.50) and 1 x Professional Shine Eraser (£1.50).
 Unbelievable,All of that for £10.50 delivered with a Mystery Box-Too good to be true!!
Three days later I took delivery of my 'prize' and was very pleasantly surprised to say the least.My Mystery box contained 4 free items,a glittery nail polish,a cream blusher,an eye shimmer pencil,with its own little sharpener and a Chubby lipstick pencil in praline.
However,I will only actually use one of the items as the other bits are not really my thing/colours But are ideal for my twenty year old daughter-so a win win situation there!
 Of the products that I paid for,I have used the tweezers and they are great! I can't believe the quality of both these and the lip brush for only £1.50 each,they are well made,quality items.
 I have used the Praline Chubby Lip pencil and I really like it,it gives a matt colour to the lips which lasts a long time and is totally non-greasy.

I have used the Luscious Liquid Lipstick which I bought in Strawberry,it smells slightly strawberryish but not in a sickly sweet way.It is in a clear tube with a sponge applicator,you twist the bottom once or twice to push the lipstick onto the applicator and then apply.
The first time I twisted and twisted for about ten times before anything appeared,but it has been fine since.The colour given is a light shiny pink which leaves the lips glossy and healthy looking-Another thumbs up for this product.

I have used the Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder which I bought in Luminance and frankly wished I hadn't,Not because there is anything wrong with the product,it is another good quality item,but,applied over my foundation,it is SO shimmery that I looked like I'd been apple bobbing in glitter! I had to rush out too so felt that I looked mid-hot-flush all blinkin day!!  The pic shows one finger swipe across my hand.
 Totally wrong for me,I have too many wrinkles to highlight them with fairy dust :-).I need to use matt products these days. So daughter will get this one too.

Finally,My favourite of the bunch-The Eyelid Primer in Sheer. I absolutley love this product,it is a light matt liquid that goes onto the eyelid with a sponge applicator,I find that I use a finger tip to smooth it in.It dries really quickly giving a slightly creamy matt tone to the eyelid.
 You then apply eyeshadow over the top and it helps to keep the shadow in place without creasing and it works beautifully.I use a darker shade on the eye socket area and often find that it 'moves' as the day goes on....Not anymore,it stays right where I put it when I use this and I have worn it alone as suggested. Love this and will definitely buy it again!!
 So,all in all,I am very glad that I dipped my toe into E.L.F. as I will definitely be going back for more.
 They stock fantastic range of Make-Up,Tools,Brushes,Pallettes and Gifts in different ranges to suit different tastes.I would recommend signing up to their email newsletter as they often send out incentive voucher codes to be used on their site and they deliver to the U.K and to Europe.
Check out the lovely E.L.F site HERE

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